2018年3-4月份卡特机器运输高峰期动员大会( Caterpillar Machine Transport Peak Mobilization Conference(March- April,2018)

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Caterpillar Machine Transport Peak Mobilization Conference(March- April,2018)



Nuoji/ Xinhexie Logistics:Finance Department, Warehousing Department, Export Department, Domestic Department, PDC,Transport Team leaders and other related personnel

Invited Company:

Caterpillar (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd: Supply Chain Manager - Jenny Liang and related leaders who have transportation business with our company

卡特物流:国内运输、Last Mile、出口运输以配件相关领导
Caterpillar Logistics:Domestic transport, Last Mile, Export transport and Spare Parts relevant leader

Nuoji Processing Plant: Director- Zhang Kaishan

Meeting time: 10:30 AM. February 10th, 2018

Conference Location:Xuzhou Nuoji/ Xinhexie Logistics Co., Ltd. 3 / F Conference Room


Caterpillar plant leader, Caterpillar logistics leader, Colleagues,



As the Spring Festival approaches, allow me, on behalf of Xuzhou Nuoji Logistics Co., Ltd., to express the most sincere holiday greetings to drivers, warehousing masters, team managers and staff of the transport security department who work on the front lines of business. I wish you all every success in your work and family in the new year.



2017 is destined an extraordinary year. Thanks to the concerted efforts of all departments and the unremitting efforts of the staff, Xuzhou Nuoji/ Xinhexie Logistics Co., Ltd. has achieved a great improvement in its operating performance. I would also like to express my most sincere thanks to all of you for your hard work.



In 2018, transportation remains an arduous task. In 2018, Caterpillar Logistics peak transport volume in March-April is expected to be:2,292 units, Total number of domestic transport projects:1167 units.In order to further improve the transport efficiency of our company and ensure the safe, fast and efficient transportation of Caterpillar machines to our destination, we will do our best to ensure logistics for the peak period of transportation from March 1st 2018 to April 30th. The third peak transport mobilization meeting being held today:


. To strengthen the organizational arrangements,compaction sense of responsibility.



A transportation command center with Xu Hua as its leader, Xu Xiaoting, Jia Yongmei, Sun Yongmei, Chen Jie, Wu Xinghua, and Dong Jing as the group members is set up to coordinate and arrange the work of ensuring transportation during the peak period.All team members should strengthen their sense of responsibility, focus on receiving orders, dispatching vehicles, transportation, account check up , settlement and other key links, real-time supervision of the situation of the machine in transportation and timely reporting to the team leader.



.To establish a sound competition mechanism to improve the quality and effectiveness of services.


 During the peak transportation period, the working hours are half an hour ahead of schedule, and the off working hours are subject to the completion of the business on the same day.Salary increases 50%, no special circumstances are not allowed to leave。


. To make a good summary of activities, timely improvement of methods.


All departments, motorcades and employees should attach great importance to the logistics support work during the peak period of transportation to prevent the gradual development of any little mistake.The practical problems and unexpected situations encountered during the activities should be summed up in a timely manner, and the workflow and methods should be improved step by step.(Note: we schedule in mid May 2018 at the peak of transportation work summary conference.)


The development of the company can not be separated from the staff effort, I hope that you develop the spirit of not afraid of hardship, dare to bear, in advance to do a good job in preparation for the peak period of transportation.Finally, once again wish you a happy New year, good health, thank you!




Xuzhou Xinhexie Logistics Co., Ltd


Xuzhou Nuoji Logistics Co., Ltd


Feb 11th ,2018